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At Industrias Ralda we manufacture high-quality animal feed products with carob byproducts, rice byproducts, fodders, cereals and other fruit.

To do so, we select our raw materials based on strict quality and safety criteria.

Once the raw materials harvested and received, after subsequent inspection, they are transported to our warehouses in Santa Bàrbara (Tarragona) and stored with the utmost care under optimal conditions, with regular inspections to prevent the appearance of pests, access of unwanted animals, damage or any other factor that could reduce the quality of our products.

At Industrias Ralda we produce and sell chopped carob, carob flour, locust beans, broken rice, rice bran, dehydrated alfalfa and alfalfa hay, orange and apple pulp and paddy rice in a range of formats.

Our products are available by weight or in bags, paper sacks and rectangular bales depending on our customers’ needs.

Find out about the nutritional characteristics, composition, properties, applications and formats of all our animal feed products.

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