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Broken rice

Broken or ground rice refers to the fragments of rice grain obtained by milling. This product is separated after the polishing phase and has the same chemical composition as white rice. As a food, it is basically energetic in nature, as its most important components are carbohydrates. The use is common in animal fodder. It is often used in the manufacture of feed for very young animals (early weaning) and for pets. Is appealing, easy to use and high in calories. It is used for all types of livestock and is particularly suitable due to its rich caloric value and low fibre content. In the case of dogs and piglets, the rice is heat-treated, as this has a beneficial effect on bowel health and the consistency of the faeces, helping to reduce the severity of pathogenic enteric processes. It is also used in the brewing industry, where it is mixed with barley. It is also used in the production of arak (aniseed alcoholic drink, distilled, colourless drink), and is a raw material for rice flour, used in baby food, breakfast cereals, rice wine, rice liqueur, sake, and prepackaged and canned foods. It’s also suitable for coeliacs as it doesn’t contain any gluten.

Broken rice
Broken rice

Brown broken rice

This product is an ingredient used in the food industry for products that seek to provide extra fibre, vitamins and minerals. Fibre-rich foods are more satiating and are digested more slowly, so they’re often included in formulations of food products for human consumption such as rice drinks, cereals and snacks primarily intended for slimming diets. Brown rice can assist in improving the intestinal function and cases of constipation of some breeds of dogs and other animals by providing balanced formulations for their diet.

Puffed broken rice

This product are obtained by means of a vaporisation process that expands the structure of the cereal and gives it a crunchy texture. It’s a common ingredient in products such as pancakes, energy bars, sweet and savoury snacks, chocolate bars, nougat, bonbons, breakfast cereals or cakes. It also complements the production of nutritionally balanced foods for animals and pets.
Broken rice

Average analysis

Energy 350 Kcal
Proteins 7,4%
Carbohydrates 75,5%
Fats 0,8%
Maximum moisture 15%


Standard broken rice

Thick broken rice

Parboiled broken rice

Green broken rice

Sortex broken rice

Brown broken rice

Puffed broken rice

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