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Dried apple pomace

Dried apple pomace is a byproduct from the production of cider, juices and vinegars. It is made up of the peel, pips, pulp and unwanted fruit. It is a highly desirable food that is very palatable due to its sugar content. Up to 3 kg of the pulp can be administered per animal each day (dehydrated). Dehydrated dried apple pomace is heat-dried in a natural gas oven to reach moisture levels that vary between 8% and 12%. No additives and 100% natural. It can be used to feed all types of animals, particularly ruminants. Its fibre content is rich in pectins, which makes it a highly digestible source of fibre. In addition, the pectins themselves can act as bowel transit regulators.

Dried apple pomace

Quemical Composition (%)

Moisture Ash CB EE Green fats (%EE)
10.8 2.0 5.5 4.0
E= 81.9 CF NDF ADF ADL Starch Sugars
21.1 46.8 33.0 11.5 0.0 12.8

Energetic Value

ME FU Dairy FU Meat NE Lactation NE Maintenance NE Growth
1860 0.68 0.62 1140 1235 705
Starch-rumen (%)
Soluble Degradable
0 0

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