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Animal Feed Products


Animal feeding is a process that enables us to provide the amount of nutritional substances and suitable foods to achieve the optimal physical condition of the animals. To do so, it is necessary to take into account nutritional requirements, the value characteristics of the foods and the feed ration and the way of administering the amount of the product required to cover these needs.

The objective of animal feed is to determine the optimal combination of the available ingredients in order to make feed rations that fulfil certain conditions, which often vary depending in the animal in question.

For instance, in the case of productive livestock it is crucial that the feed ration gives the animals all the nutrients that they need to achieve maximum performance in terms of production with respect to the quantity and quality of the products, as well as preventing the appearance of digestive or metabolic disorders.



In the case of pets the basic aim of the feed ration is to prevent (and sometimes treat) disorders to achieve greater longevity and wellbeing for the animal. Animal nutrition is the founding pillar of the food chain. As such, obtaining safe food partly depends on the use of quality animal feed by livestock farmers. The quality of the raw materials is crucially important for an animal’s proper nutrition, as this food enters the trophic chain and may reach a human being, an increasingly demanding consumer with respect to food safety. The ingredients in animal feed must be obtained from safe sources and undergo risk analysis.
At Industrias Ralda we can offer you a great variety of high-quality raw materials for the production of animal fooder. In addition, our products provide the appropriate nutrients for each species. Our objective is to feed animals in the best possible way so that they grow up healthy and full of life. Giving them the nutrients that they need to keep their natural defences and immune system stronger, from pets to farm animals and all types of livestock. Poor feeding is the cause of disorders that affect the wellbeing, health and productivity of animals and, consequently, people too. In addition, to a great extent, nutrition determines the quality of livestock products. Because feeding animals well is a guarantee for the future.

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